Andy Moloney joins Q1 Scientific as Business Development Manager

Andy Moloney joined the Q1 Scientific team earlier this year as a Business Development Manager to help support both new and existing customers. Prior to joining us at Q1 Scientific, Andy was working in medical device sales and has over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare industry.

With some time to settle into his new position, Andy now tells us more about his role at Q1 Scientific and what’s happening over the coming months.

Can you tell us more about your background and how you came to work at Q1 Scientific?

Andy Moloney Business Development Manager at Q1 Scientific
Andy Moloney, Business Development Manager at Q1 Scientific

After working in the healthcare industry for many years, I moved to medical device sales in 2008. This gave me experience working with hospitals, retail pharmacies, opticians and primary care centres.

Earlier this year, I decided to move into a B2B role within the pharmaceutical industry and Q1 Scientific seemed like the obvious choice. From my experience working with customers in the healthcare sector, I am aware that stability is a critical step in the development of new drugs and for finished products. From accelerated stability studies through to long term stability storage, for retains, emergency set downs and even photostability. The cost to manage all this in-house can be exorbitant for the company and can put stress on resources that could be focused on other elements of their programme.

So, Andy Moloney why did you join Q1 Scientific?

In-house stability is not just having a chamber or chambers. It’s also the added costs of having a qualified person or persons e.g. Technician, Scientist or Engineer whom has to manage the samples and programme. Chambers then require a continuous 21 CFR compliant monitoring system, validation protocols and ongoing calibration and thermal mapping.  Maintenance technicians are also required to fix and maintain the mechanics and electrics in the chambers.

I could see from day one that Q1 Scientific specialised in this and this alone and have built their whole business around supporting the customer. The focus here is primarily stability storage.  There are now over 50 chambers along with multiple ultra-low storage freezers and photostability cabinets with 21 CFR compliant monitoring systems, back-up and 24/7 monitoring.

For pharmaceutical companies, I can truly see the benefit in outsourcing their stability storage to Q1 Scientific so that they can focus their efforts on more important tasks and utilise their space onsite for more R&D and production related activities. This was a big driver in me deciding to join the team here at Q1 Scientific.

What does a typical day look like for you in Q1 Scientific?

A typical day involves Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings with customers to discuss their needs. Following these meetings, I am preparing quotations for setting down new samples at Q1 Scientific.

To date, I have also been focusing on carrying out internal training using the eQMS system designed in-house by our quality team.

This week, we had a new client visit our facility for a tour. It is a fantastic facility with a really great team of experienced people, and I encourage any existing or new client to visit us here in Waterford. It is a great way for you to see where your drug products are stored and the systems and infrastructure that we have in place to manage stability storage.

I’m now in my fifth month here and I’ve already had multiple interactions with both existing and new customers. I look forward to getting to know the customers more and getting out for site visits!

What is the question you are asked most by our customers?

Every request about a new stability study always starts off with:

Can you store our samples at ‘X’ condition?

What I can say is that all requests are accommodated! I work with our customers to store samples at their specified conditions for the length of their stability studies.

At Q1 Scientific, we offer state of the art environmentally controlled and monitored stability storage facilities to meet all ICH requirements and non-ICH requirements. Q1 Scientific also offer custom conditions to meet the specific storage requirements of any R&D project with options from -80°C storage up to +50°C with a full range of humidity control. We also offer a choice of shared or exclusive walk-in rooms and reach-in cabinets. Everything is tracked, scanned, and monitored 24/7 with back-up protection.

What’s coming up next for you at Q1 Scientific?

So right now, I am initially looking at getting to know all our customers and how we can support them best. Q1 Scientific has grown quite considerably over the last number of years, and I genuinely want to ensure that we are looking after all our customers in the best possible way. The last number of years has seen Q1 Scientific go from 6 stability rooms to over 50 rooms with a 900% increase in storage capacity.

I am also working closely with our marketing person regarding educational programmes for customers like the webinar series, which has proved very popular to date. This year, we are holding our first in-person conference ‘Stability Studies 2022’ on Thursday 13th October 2022 at the Killashee Hotel, Naas. It’s a great opportunity to hear a wealth of information from our speakers on risk-based stability studies, lean product development and stability storage along with plenty of networking opportunities. I’d highly recommend that people sign-up for our conference and I look forward to meeting everyone in October!

Our customer portal is going through an upgrade process, and I hope to have that launching later this year. The portal allows customers to virtually interact with their samples on storage, review set down and pull dates and generate reports.

So far, what is the best thing about being part of the Q1 Scientific team?

I’d say it’s the quality of the personnel who are all experts in their field. Everyone here has a role to play, and we get on very well. We very much feel part of the customer’s supply chain.

Andy Moloney, what do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work it’s all about GAA, athletics and soccer! I train the Ballygunner U13 hurling team and support my wife in completing triathlons.

Back in the day, I played hurling for Tipperary from underage to seniors. I joined the Waterford team in 2002 and went on to win two Munster Championships with the team.

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