Construction of Stability Storage Chamber

We have recently increased the capacity of our facility at Q1 Scientific, with the introduction of Stability Rooms #30 and #31.

We were delighted to take over an extra 5,000 Sq Feet of capacity earlier this year, to add to our existing 10,000 Sq/ft. We have spent the last number of months working on bringing the facility up to specification to begin storing samples within. This has involved increasing the power supply to future proof for a large number of stability chambers, adding pest control management, CCTV coverage and security monitoring points.

Once the building was signed off by the quality department and approved, we began construction with 2 new stability chambers. The chambers measure 12Metres x 2.8Metres (40′ x 8′). We decided to try capture the whole process from start to finish with a ‘time-lapse’ style video, to illustrate what is involved.