Meet our Stability Operations Manager

Marie Morrissey joined the Q1 Scientific team back in 2014 as a Stability Coordinator with responsibility for sample pulls, set downs and documentation. Since then, Marie has progressed through the company and was recently promoted to Operations Manager. Marie now manages our operations team, all aspects of our stability storage operations and works closely with our quality team to ensure compliance with internal procedures and regulatory guidelines.

Here Marie tells us more about her role in Q1 Scientific.

Can you tell us more about your background and how you came to work at Q1 Scientific?

My background is in accounting and payroll. Prior to joining Q1 Scientific, I worked as part of a New Product Development team for a multinational pharmaceutical company. This was my first exposure to the pharmaceutical industry, and I loved it! While working there I compiled documentation for testing protocols, reports and submission documents for getting new products market approved.

Initially I joined Q1 Scientific on a part time basis, before moving to a full-time role in 2016. At first my role was a broad mix of accounts, payroll and operations but quickly progressed to become a full-time operations role.

How has the company changed since you joined?

Since joining Q1 Scientific, the company has gone through a period of rapid growth and expansion! The last number of years has seen Q1 Scientific go from 6 stability rooms to over 50 rooms with a 900% increase in storage capacity.

Client numbers have also grown, and we now look after samples for a large portion of the 20 biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

In the last year alone, the Q1 Scientific team has grown by 50% with additional team members across accounts, quality, operations and marketing. The biggest difference is that as the company has grown, departments have formed across operations, quality and finance. When I first started, we all sat in one area and shared an office.

I have to say that even with the rapid growth and expansion the focus on innovation has not changed. For example, we introduced an Electronic Sample Tracking System, known as ESTS, to manage all client stability samples. This is a unique custom system developed by Q1 Scientific to meet the specific criteria of sample management. Another example is the current implementation of an Electronic Quality System and Electronic Equipment Management System. These will automate and simplify the Quality and Equipment Management processes and help improve productivity.

As the Stability Operations Manager what is the question that you are most asked by our customers?

Every email about a new stability study always starts off with:

Can you store our samples at ‘X’ temperature range?

What I can say is that all requests are accommodated! I work with our customers to store samples at their specified conditions for the length of their stability studies.

At Q1 Scientific, we offer state of the art environmentally controlled and monitored stability storage facilities to meet all ICH requirements and non-ICH requirements. Q1 Scientific also offer custom conditions to meet the specific storage requirements of any R&D project with options from -80°C storage up to +50°C with a full range of humidity control. We also offer a choice of shared or exclusive walk-in rooms and reach-in cabinets.

What does a typical day look like for you as a Stability Operations Manager in Q1 Scientific?

In one word – busy!

My mornings are usually occupied with managing all sample pulls with the operations team. During the afternoon I focus on paperwork and new equipment introductions.

As the Operations Manager, I ensure the effective management of resources for stability storage whilst striving to implement efficiency benefits.

Part of my role is to monitor and maintain the storage capacity at Q1 Scientific. This involves mid- and long-term planning for our stability storage capacity, special projects and managing the maintenance schedule. Right now, we are bringing two new stability rooms into use, so I am conducting technical reviews of room mappings and calibrations.

I also work closely with quality, finance and marketing.

What is the best thing about being part of the Q1 Scientific team?

I love the fact that it is a small company. Everyone knows each other and they are a lovely group. We all get on so well and I think that is hard to find in other companies.

As part of a small company, I get exposure to a broad range of areas with my role having elements of quality, finance and engineering.

Seeing the rapid growth of the company from a start-up to where it is now has made me feel more invested. I really want the company to do well.

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