Our Values


We recognise that we are at our most effective when we work together and leverage the skills, knowledge and experience of each other.

“Even without being present in Q1’s office most days, there are many times I’ve witnessed great effective teamwork in practice” – Brian


For us, Excellence is not only a value; it is a discipline and a means for making the world a better place. We are determined to serve our clients through innovation, continuous improvement, an intense focus on their needs and a dedication to meet those needs with a sense of urgency

“The way in which Q1 Scientific not only meets regulatory guidelines but seeks new ways to stay ahead of them contributes to a reputation for excellence that is sought by its clients”. – Marie


We focus on developing those characteristics that create success: creativity, persistence, determination and discipline. We are ambitious for the Company and for providing everyone with the opportunity for their personal development.

“We are continuously reviewing our systems and procedures to ensure they are being used most effectively. If they require change, they are updated as soon as possible.” – Linda


We always prioritise getting it right, before getting it done whilst being conscious of project commitments.


We take the initiative to remove any roadblocks. Don’t look around for others to blame. Proactively working to meet and exceed targets and objectives.

“The company has established a reputation for being dependable, even in extraordinary circumstances” – Derek

“A customer sent an email on the 23 Dec 18 to set down a study. This involved a number of condition changes over the Christmas period. To ensure we fulfil our commitments to our Client, the team met and set up a rota to come on site to complete the study including transport to Dublin throughout the Christmas period.” – Catherine


Always putting this principle at the forefront of our decision making. Taking responsibility for actions, whether they are right or wrong.

“The integrity of the company has been evident since my first day of employment at Q1 Scientific” – Marie


We are always open and honest in all our dealings.

“We are encouraged to speak up about anything that looks out of place, no matter how insignificant it may seem; we are committed to the company policy dictating full disclosure to clients about anything that may impact on their stored products, no matter what the cost to Q1 Scientific” – Brian


Trust has to be earned. Our clients trust the individual, not just the company.   Trust allows for easier interaction with clients.

“We develop trust with our clients, through being completely open about the entire life cycle of their studies.” – Linda