Paddy O’ Mahony joins Q1 Scientific as Business Development Manager

Paddy O’ Mahony joined the Q1 Scientific team earlier this month as a Business Development Manager.

Paddy O' Mahony Business Development Manager at Q1 ScientificPaddy has worked with customers in the Pharmaceutical, Biopharma, Life science, Medical Device, Food & Beverage and general manufacturing industries for over 20 years. He has a vast amount of knowledge in FDA complaint environmental monitoring, having worked with Hanley Controls Clonmel Ltd specialising in Data Acquisition Systems, 21 CFR Complaint monitoring systems for temperature, humidity and differential pressure for many years. He also carries with him good experience of calibration and validation protocols.

Keep reading as Paddy O’ Mahony tells us more about his role in Q1 Scientific.

Can you tell us more about your background and how you came to work at Q1 Scientific?

Q1 Scientific were actually a client of mine! In the early days of Q1 Scientific, I worked with them when they required a datalogging system to accurately capture temperature and humidity in their chambers. These were primarily used for mapping and qualifying their chambers.

In more recent years, we supplied, installed and validated the Rotronic RMS Cloud based monitoring system. This is used in most of the stability chambers here onsite. Over the years, I built up a very good working relationship with the CEO, Stephen Delaney and the team here and was delighted to accept the role of Business Development Manager.

Using your industry knowledge what is it that people working in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry have to deal with that you want to fix?

From my experience working with customers in the pharmaceutical sector, I am aware that stability is a critical step in the development of new drugs and for finished products. From accelerated stability studies through to long term stability storage for retains, emergency set downs and even photostability. The cost to manage all this in-house can be exorbitant for the company and can put stress on resources that could be focused on other elements of their programme.

In-house stability is not just having a chamber or chambers. It’s also the added costs of having a qualified person or persons i.e. Technician, Scientist or Engineer whom has to manage the samples and programme. Chambers then require a continuous 21 CFR compliant monitoring system, validation protocols and ongoing calibration and thermal mapping.  Maintenance technicians are also required to fix and maintain the mechanics and electrics in the chambers.

I could see from day one that Q1 Scientific specialised in this and this alone and have built their whole business around supporting the client. The focus here is primarily stability storage.  There are now over 50 chambers along with multiple ultra-low storage freezers and photostability cabinets with 21 CFR compliant monitoring systems, back-up systems and 24/7 monitoring. Due to the growth of the business, more new chambers will be built in the coming months to service the needs of our customers.  Customers have truly come to see the benefit in using Q1 Scientific so that they can focus their efforts on more important tasks and utilise their space onsite for more R&D and production related activities.

What does a typical day look like for you in Q1 Scientific?

A typical day involves Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings with customers to discuss their needs. I have also been focusing on carrying out internal training using the eQMS system designed in-house by our quality team.

Last week, we had a new client visit our facility for a tour which is really encouraging to see as during Covid-19 we were conducting virtual tours. It is a fantastic facility with a really great team of experienced people, and we encourage any existing or new client to visit us here in Waterford. It is a great way for customers to see where their drug products will be stored and the systems and infrastructure that we have in place to manage that for them. They can also chat with our Quality and Operations team to go through finer details like licencing and procedures.

I’m just in my fourth week here and I’ve already had multiple interactions with existing and new customers. I look forward to getting to know the customers more!

What projects are you working on right now?

So right now, I am initially looking at getting to know all our customers and how we can support them best. I am looking at introducing some strategies to achieve this and working with Stephen and the team here to best support our customers. Q1 Scientific has grown quite considerably over the last number of years, and we genuinely want to ensure that we are looking after all our customers in the best possible way. The last number of years has seen Q1 Scientific go from 6 stability rooms to over 50 rooms with a 900% increase in storage capacity.

I will also be working closely with our marketing department regarding educational programmes for customers like the webinar series, which has proved very popular to date. In fact, the next webinar is on Designing a Registration Stability Study from Scratch – this is quite a common question we receive so hopefully this will assist new and existing stability programme owners.

Our customer portal is in the process of being upgraded, and we hope to have that rolled out later this year. The portal is built for customers so they can virtually interact with their samples on storage, review set down and pull dates and generate reports.

So far, what is the best thing about being part of the Q1 Scientific team?

The team! A fantastic bunch of people who genuinely work together for the betterment of the company and its customers. As I mentioned, I am only in my fourth week, but I have been made feel very welcome and I look forward to working with the team to assist existing and new customers going forward.

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