Remote working without compromising sample management

Is working remotely having an impact on your sample management? The Covid-19 crisis is one of the greatest challenges we have faced in recent times and working from home is the new normal.

Central to business continuity measures across the industry has been the implementation of remote working and split shifts to maintain social distancing and keep workers safe.

With new working practices in place it can be argued that Covid-19 has proven how Analysts do not have to be on site all the time and this will change the way we all work. Perhaps tasks requiring time, thought and little distraction could still be done remotely in the future such as report writing, designing and writing tests?

You can listen to Dr. Frank Dolphin discuss the future of remote working in a recent ‘Business of Science’ podcast interview. It is thought that there will be a recalibrating of how employees are managed in the future and how different roles are valued.

What happens post Covid-19?

A recent article in the PharmaTimes highlighted steps for returning to productivity post Covid-19. Written by Brad Michel, Managing Director and Accenture’s Life Sciences Industry Lead for North America the article looks ahead to what the future might be like for both manufacturing companies and workers post pandemic.

During the article Brad Michel states that:

Manufacturing organisations will reshape supply networks and adopt digital plant solutions in the form of greater automation, advanced analytics, digital worker solutions and robotics. Companies will design/redesign facilities and office space, embed disease surveillance in physical security, and develop future talent recruitment and development plans that include substantial remote working. These capabilities will not only drive greater efficiency, they will also act as a buffer against future disruption and ultimately allow the industry to better serve patients.

With remote working looking like it is here to stay then what will happen to sample management?

What happens to your sample management when working remotely?

Labs and research facilities require on site collaboration between people, often in close proximity. If the flexibility of both shifts and floor layouts are limited, then remote working may continue for the foreseeable future.

Digital tools can allow us to continue to work effectively when we are away from the office but what happens in an emergency or if you need to be physically present? The loss of samples that have been in stability storage due to a chamber breakdown or delay in your sample storage process could represent a critical loss to your company, disruption to development activities and potentially impact a product launch.

At Q1 Scientific we understand the strict requirements, time sensitive nature and physical challenge of stability storage. Through outsourcing your stability storage to Q1 Scientific you can work remotely without compromising your sample management.

How do I outsource my sample management?

This short video demonstrates the simple process for outsourcing your stability storage. We offer a simple and reliable stability storage process.

Remote access to cloud-based sample management data

After outsourcing your sample management to Q1 Scientific you will be provided with full visibility of actual monitoring data and details on all your samples on stability. You can access and manage all your stability study data remotely as if the samples are on your own site.

Each Q1 Scientific client has their own secure website portal through which you can access all study documentation for your own study samples. In addition, you will have a dedicated Study Calendar which details all study events including sample receipt and return documentation, duration, notifications for scheduled pulls for testing and any special actions related to your stability study.

Q1 Scientific provides 24/7 monitoring with a 24/7 alarm system connected to each storage chamber to alert of any deviations in control parameters recorded by the monitoring system. The temperature and humidity are continuously monitored and recorded using our monitoring system which is compliant with:

  • The Rules Governing Medicinal Products in the European Community Volume IV and the Annex 11 for Computerised Systems
  • USA code of Federal Regulations (21 CRF 210-211) & Part 11 for electronic records

Data is stored at the facility for all chambers in real time and this data is backed up off site every day.

Let us help you

Our stability storage facility is fully validated, fully compliant and fully secure. When outsourcing your sample management, you can feel confident that your samples will be stored to your specifications while you are working remotely.

Q1 Scientific offers state-of-the-art environmentally controlled and monitored storage facilities across the full range of temperatures and humidities. Stability storage conditions for all key ICH climatic zones; suitable for long term, intermediate and accelerated stability trials.

Interested in finding out more about how we can help you manage your samples?

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